The PERFACE Institute is proud to present its newest benefit to foreign patients: Plastic Surgery in Brazil! This program provides favorable conditions for patients from around the world who seek excellence in plastic surgery. The PERFACE Institute works with worldwide renown in quality, excellence and safety. We must also highlight the exchange of currencies (dollar, euro), another aspect that facilitates.

The foreign patient now has integrated travel services from his country of origin, transfer to hotels and all the quality, care and affection that our patients need to perform the desired plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery in Brazil results from:

  • International partnerships with world-renowned healthcare companies such as Tricare.
  • Package of trips containing the air, transfer to the hotel and lodging through CVC.
  • Consultations with the clinical staff of the PERFACE Institute under the direction of the renowned Dr. Fernando Nakamura, member of the Institute Ivo Pitanguy and also of ISAPS (Member of International Society of Plastic Surgery).
  • Caregiver / accompanying service with specialization in nursing for post-operative care.
  • Check out our list of procedures and services integrated with the specialties in dermatology, nutrition, personal trainer and coach.

Contact us to direct your visit to Brazil to perform your long-awaited plastic surgery and count on the renowned quality and safety of Instituto PERFACE!