After partly or entirely breast removal by the mastologist the plastic surgery team performs immediate reconstruction (during the same surgery). In some cases, this reconstruction can be delayed (after the patient completes his cancer treatment), both by the desire of the patient or the presence of comorbidities that contraindicate the immediate realization. There are several reconstruction options. For this treatment there are several criteria that need to be observed:

  • The amount of removed tissue and oncological treatment plan
  • Donor areas options are (reconstruction with the body’s own tissue) for example: abdomen, back
  • Possibility to use alloplastic materials (tissue expanders, extend prosthesis or silicone implants)
  • Possibility of using mammoplasty techniques in partial breast resections.
  • Patient clinical conditions: weight, comorbidities, smoking

Breast reconstruction is performed in stages, depending on the type of reconstruction, symmetrization of the other breast (in order to make them more regular), reconstruction of the areola when it has been jeopardized. Reconstructed breasts present scars depending on how and how much of the jeopardized tissue was removed. And the sensitivity of the reconstructed breast is also different from the natural one. Seeking to restore volume and contour of these women breasts, the reconstruction improves self-esteem. The body image is closely related to sensuality, sexuality, social life and quality of life.

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