At PERFACE Institute of Plastic Surgery, we perform modern techniques of hair implant.

Although there are different causes of baldness, the main one is androgenetic. It starts generally between 20 and 30 years of age, progressing slowly and over the years. The pattern and speed of hair loss is very particular. Baldness can affect both men and women, being more predominant in male gender. Nowadays, the forms of treatment can be clinical or surgical (hair transplant).

According to each case and medical indication clinical treatments can be perfomed with topical and oral medication or laser. Hair transplantation is a procedure in which hair roots are transfered from one region of the scalp to another. Despite being technically a surgery of low complexity, requires high degree of detail and concentration from the surgeon and his team during the procedure.

At PERFACE Institute of Plastic Surgery, we perform modern techniques of hair implant. For example, we perform the follicular hair units’ transplant taken from areas where hair is resistant to fall (posterior and lateral side of the head), prepare those units with microscopes and later implement them with the help of magnifiers. These advances provide extremely natural and positive results, avoiding stigmas that existed over previous techniques, such as looking like “doll hair”.

We seek, above all, to discuss all the details of the surgery with patients, offering realistic goals according to each case, since baldness patterns can vary considerably. There is also a concern on giving the patient a natural and a better overall appearance, respecting the different face shapes and also the previous line of hair implantation.

The surgery is performed under sedation and local anesthesia and we try to do at one session the transplant of the maximum number of follicular units possible. Generally, it is a procedure with little discomfort after surgery. There may be minor discomfort in the donor area and swelling of the forehead and above the eyes. At our Institute, special care with the donor area, such as the use of trichophytic sutures, will make the area heal the best way possible.

Transplanted hair will fall around 30 days, however, from the transplanted roots hair will star to grow back after 2-3 months.

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