The deviated septum is one of the major causes of respiratory disorders that lead patients to seek medical attention. Whether the deviated septum is on the bone or on the cartilage when severe imbalanced it makes breathing difficult, leading to a decline in the patient’s quality of life with recurrent sinus infections, damage in practicing sports, mouth breathing, changes at facial bones development among others.

Some causes of deviated septum may be:

  • Congenital: when the patient is born with a deviated septum , for example, caused by compression of the nose during birth;
  • Development of facial bones alterations: when there is a “malfunction” in bone development;
  • Infectious causes;
  • Chronic allergies or;
  • Trauma: an accident or fall that injures or break the nose or a strong bump during sports practice.

Some symptoms that may suggest the deviated septum:

  • Breathing difficulties;
  • Headache
  • Nosebleeds
  • Snoring

Surgery to repair a deviated septum is often combined with cosmetic surgery of the nose (nose job), which can be performed both by the plastic surgeon and the otolaryngologists or as joint work. In this cases, it is very common that septal cartilage removed from the septoplasty procedure is used for the external rhinoplasty.

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