Gluteoplasty is a surgical procedure which aims to increase the volume in the region of the buttocks.

It´s important to emphasize that this type of surgery does not correct stretch marks, sagging or cellulitis, and is not intended to fix the gluteal sulcus (between the buttocks and thighs).

The increase in volume of that region can be achieved primarily through the use of fat grafting or through use of silicone implants. The most appropriate method will be set together with your surgeon during the consultation. Liposuction of other body areas can also be considered depending on each case.

The gluteoplasty augmentation does not replace a physical exercise program, which can contribute to the final result when cleared by the surgeon.

Therefore, surgery is best suited for patients close to the ideal weight for their body type and height, with small volume in the buttock and little local sagging.

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