Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure which aims to increase the volume of the breasts through an implant. This surgery is basically used to add volume to breasts that are naturally small (hereditary condition); restore loss of breast volume after pregnancy, breastfeeding or excessive weight loss; to achieve breast symmetry when there is a significant disproportion. However, this type of surgery is not intended to correct sagging breasts. In those cases in which the patient wants to increase the volume and also correct the position and shape of the breasts, a mastopexy should be associated with the implant.

The breast implant surgery is very personal and therefore the patient should seek to satisfy their own desire in relation to the volume and not the desire of other people. Adult women can perform this surgery as long as the breasts are fully developed. Breastfeeding is generally not affected by this procedure.

The anatomy of your breast, your body type and your desire in relation to breast enlargement will determine the type and size of the implant and the location where it will be placed, together with the judgment of your plastic surgeon.

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