Skin cancer corresponds to 25% of cancer registries in Brazil, according to data of the National Institute of Cancer (Instituto Nacional do Câncer – INCA) data. Among the skin tumors, there are the melanomas – more aggressive and whose early diagnosis and treatment make a difference in the prognosis of patients – and the non-melanoma types. There are several types of non-melanoma skin tumors, with higher incidence , such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. As long as they are early diagnosed and treated, the non-melanoma type has a low mortality rate.

A trained professional can remove the skin tumor preserving the health and seeking to minimize alterations in appearance through specialized techniques. Surgery can be very simple from an excisional biopsy at the doctor´s office with local anesthesia to a more complex procudure, with several hours, hospitalization  and microsurgery.

Therefore, prior to submitting to the treatment of skin cancer, it is important to seek a competent professional and discuss about the picture of the disease, in addition to pre and post-operative guidelines. Contact the PERFACE Institute staff, schedule an evaluation and prevent yourself.

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