PERFACE Plastic procedures - face

Procedures in plastic surgery that aim to refine and improve facial and body physical aspects, preserving the beauty and individuality, thus boosting self-esteem and well-being of each patient.

  • Rhinoplasty


    Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which aims to improve both the aesthetic and functional aspect of the nose.

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  • Secondary rhinoplasty

    Secondary rhinoplasty

    Secondary rhinoplasty is a term used for cases of patients who have already undergone a previous nose surgery and for some reason will undergo another rhinoplasty. The causes that lead to a secondary rhinoplasty can be many, but the most common is dissatisfaction with the result of the first surgery, as irregularities of cartilage or […]

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  • Nose surgery

    Nose surgery

    Nose surgery should be considered in the following situations: When there is discomfort regarding the shape, size or angle of the nose. When the nose is too large or too small or out of proportion with the face. If there are breathing difficulties due to a problem with the internal or external nose structure. If […]

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  • Deviated septum

    Deviated septum

    The deviated septum is one of the major causes of respiratory disorders that lead patients to seek medical attention. Whether the deviated septum is on the bone or on the cartilage when severe imbalanced it makes breathing difficult, leading to a decline in the patient’s quality of life with recurrent sinus infections, damage in practicing […]

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  • Facelifting (face and neck surgery)

    Facelifting (face and neck surgery)

    Smooth expression wrinkles and improve facial contour with face and neck surgery.

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