The PERFACE Institute offers a unique and complete modality of nutritional consultation focused on people with a physically active lifestyle, called sports nutrition consultation.

In sports, it is common knowledge that in order to achieve better results and success besides a lot of training and physical conditioning, an appropriate diet is absolutely necessary. The main goals to be achieved with this type of nutritional consultation are to promote health and improve performance.  The sports nutrition consultation consists of:

  • Food assessment: knowledge of current eating habits of the patient, such as schedules, preferences and dietary restrictions.
  • Anthropometric Assessment: measuring weight and the main circumferences of the body to evaluate the patient´s lean mass and percentage of body fat for future adjustments.
  • Evaluation of energy expenditure: basal metabolism and daily energy expenditure are calculated through the verification of daily activities and training routine of the patient.
  • Goals: once all data has been collected, goals and deadlines are set for the nutritional treatment of the patient through a dietary re-education program.
  • Dietary re-education: in this stage the dietary re-education allows to gradually replace habits that differ from the goals of a physically active individual.
  • Food program: the indication of food supplements should occur when the usual food can not supply all the nutrients needed by the patient and with the purpose of improving performance, respecting the individuality and the nutritional needs of each person.

Therefore, the diet of physically active people, during and after exercise, should be specific in accordance with: the goal to be achieved; the modality practiced, frequency, duration, intensity and training hours; age and individual needs. With sports nutritional consultation the entire treatment to reorganize body functioning will be prioritized, promoting not only the achievement of your sporting goals, as well as adjusting and maintaining a balanced and healthy life.

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