Perface Well Being services

Services that prioritize your well-being and self-esteem.

  • Personal Diet

    Personal Diet

    The Personal Diet is a personalized service that allows a better understanding of feeding and, consequently, an orientation that covers wider aspects than just a medical consultation since it is possible to learn about home environment and the routine that the person follows. Between the stages of this service are: Environmental analysis of where the […]

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  • Sports nutrition counseling

    Sports nutrition counseling

    Get the best performance of your physical results associated with a healthy lifestyle with sports nutrition consultation.

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  • Clinical nutrition consultation

    Clinical nutrition consultation

    It is known that good nutrition it is a synonym of health and improved quality of life. Choosing food correctly will help increase the immune system, reduce infections, delay aging, improve in mood, combat psychological diseases (among them depression and stress), reduces fatigue, prevents a range of diseases, etc. Clinical nutrition is responsible for using […]

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  • Dermatoscopy


    Pigmented skin lesions may range from benign and harmless lesions to aggressive and dangerous ones such as melanoma skin cancer. Even for experienced professionals it is difficult to differentiate these lesions during naked eye examination. Thus, complementary methods are needed to help in the early diagnosis of pigmented lesions which are critical to the patient’s […]

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  • Chemical peeling

    Chemical peeling

    Chemical peeling is used for the treatment of skin imperfections and consists of applying a chemical solution that exfoliate and regenerate the skin.

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  • Laser


    Lasers are sources of light or electromagnetic radiation with some special features. The word laser is the abbreviation for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation “. Acts by vaporization and / or removal of skin tissue. The lasers are indicated for: Aging treatment and the improvement of wrinkles and expression lines, the appearance of […]

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