Coaching is a changing process focused on strategic and intelligent actions that generate results, learning and improvement. In this process, there are two important figures, the main one is the coachee.

The coachee is the person who goes through the process of change. From the coachee are outlined the goals of the coaching process and the most appropriate strategies to achieve them. This alignment of strategies and goals is essential so that the strategic actions can be accomplished, which are the engine of the coaching process, given that the coachee is the agent of the changing process. The second figure of relevance is the coach. The coach takes the role as a facilitator of the coachee changing process. Coaching accelerates the process of change and the ability to produce results with focus and awareness on improvements.

The main goals and benefits of coaching reside in the coachee reaching a better ability to act creatively and strategically, face challenges and resolve problems, according to a positive mental attitude. Consequently, we can see a management of excellence by the coachee regarding his results, his interpersonal relationships and his future.