The Endocrinology and Metabolism is the medical specialty that takes care of common disorders such as obesity, diabetes, diseases of the thyroid, the cholesterol and osteoporosis. Other hormonal and metabolic disorders such as excess or lack of cortisol, growth hormone and sex hormones are also included in this field of medicine.

You may notice that there are many interfaces between plastic surgery and endocrinology. Many of the benefits that are sought with the interventions of a plastic surgeon can become even more efficient with the follow-up of an endocrinologist, with undoubted benefits for the health and well-being of the patients. Better control of overweight, cholesterol, blood pressure and the research and treatment of other possible hormonal and metabolic disorders are critical for good progress at the period close to surgery and for the long term health of the patient. Promoting wellness includes overall assessment of the patient, physical and psychological, lifestyle changes such as improved diet and regular physical activity, and finally, when necessary, the use of medications under medical supervision.  The goal is to ensure that the expected results are the reflection of a healthy and whole person. For this, the care of a multidisciplinary team is very efficient and in accordance with the philosophy of the PERFACE Institute.