The personal trainer is a graduate professional in physical education, which is able to prescribe exercise programs according to the needs of those who hire their services. The organization, evaluation and orientation of this program should be structured according to the principles of sports training, biomechanics and exercise physiology.

The personal trainer can work with the following goals:

  • Esthetic: weight loss, increase of muscle mass, body definition, etc.
  • Prophylactic: injury prevention, prevention of diseases (obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc.), psychological factors (depression, low self-esteem, etc.)
  • Physical Fitness: increased of cardiorespiratory ability, preparation for contests, quality of life, etc.
  • Competitive: intended for high-performance athletes who want to develop their potential in order to improve performance in a field of sport.

The personalized service will give the customer better supervision and correction of the exercises, possibility of constant change in the program of activities and results boosted by motivation and regular attendance.