I’m Agatha Silvestre, I’m 25 years old, actress, I live in Brasilia, Brazil. I always had to work with my image, since I was very young, with the passage of time, I felt the need to change something in the body that bothered me, especially in photos. I had heard of Dr. Nakamura and the PERFACE Institute several times and in 2014 and I decided to meet the clinic. I was in love with everything: comfortable environment, exceptional service from both the medical and secretaries. I was so well taken care of, I was so sure of the procedure that I marked my surgery for the following week, and that was not the best part, because the best was my postoperative, cause in my room I had a PERFACE nurse just for me, all the time. When I went home I also received the visit of a nurse sent by Dr. Nakamura. Whenever I needed or had any doubts, I could count on my doctor’s care, call or message him and I always had all my doubts solved.
A little more than a year after my surgery, I can say that it was a complete satisfaction, from the day I met the Institute to this day! I am passionate about every professional who works at PERFACE. I always recommend my doctor to friends and family.
Thanks to all PERFACE team for the care and dedication, you are exceptional in what you do!!!

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