Hello! I am happy to provide this testimonial about my experience with Perface. I am from the United States and met Dr. Nakamura at an International Women’s club meeting where he had been invited to speak. Right away, I was impressed by his knowledge; professionalism, pleasant manner and his excellent English speaking skills! It was evident that he was no ordinary physician that just goes through the motions of practicing medicine but someone who really listens to and cares about his patients and their concerns.

I decided that he was the physician that I could trust with my plastic surgery and preceded with breast augmentation surgery. The experience with Dr. Nakamura and his Perface team was excellent. He and his team demonstrated the utmost care and attention to every detail throughout the process including the importance of pre-op preparation from eating a healthy diet, eliminating certain medications, and obtaining proper tests for the surgical procedure to post-op care including frequent in-home care visits and the all important aid to rapid healing, lymphatic drainage.
I could go on and on with many accolades about Dr. Nakamura and his staff but suffice it to say that my experience was so good that I returned for a mid-face lift two years after the breast augmentation. It has been almost three years since the breast surgery and 7 months since the face-lift and I am extremely happy with the result of both procedures!

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